About Us

The third edition of Albanian Halal Expo will take place from March 26th to March 28th, 2022, at Palace of Congresses, Tirana – Albania.

After a very successful first and second edition, where more than 16000 people from Albania and abroad visited us, we do have any reason to believe that we will have over 130 exhibiting companies and more than 15000 visitors in our 3rd edition of Albanian Halal Expo.

We do expect professional visitors and buyers from other of our region like Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia.

Certified Halal Food producers, Islamic finance, Islamic Tourism, Textile, Halal Cosmetics, Medicine & Pharmacy, and Muslim Education companies will be exhibiting at the 3rd edition of the Albania’s Halal Expo.

We would hence take the honor to invite you on March 26th to March 28th, 2022, to join us at the Albanian Halal Expo.

CHoCoBa Expo is organized by professional people with a long experience in the event planning area. From June 1st – June 3rd, 2022, we will hold the first edition of this expo which tends to be a leading platform of this sector in Albania and Balkan Region - ChoCoBa is a meeting place of the latest trends, of professional people, their ideas, and visions. Also, being a B2B and B2C platform, ChoCoBa will create unique opportunities for testing new products to the final costumers in real time. - The exhibitors will be from many countries which will bring shining colors and high competition abut also will create unlimited opportunities for commercial exchanges, and business expanding, mostly for the franchisers. Wellcome to the ChoCoBa 2022